Angry Birds Meets Star Wars: New excitement and fond memories

Initially, the idea of a mash-up of Angry Birds with Star Wars seemed completely improbable. But as you will see, Angry Birds Star Wars has included so much creativity and fun while keeping with the Star Wars lore that it is all makes sense and can keep you entertained for many hours.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds, for the few that do not know, is a platform, stage based game where birds are thrown around in order to score points, get achievements and unlock new levels with cool hidden features. Great characters, colorful backdrops and create gaming are the hallmarks of an Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Star Wars Review

With Angry Birds Star Wars, the bird characters themselves get a total overhaul and well known Star Wars characters do too. Luke Skywalker becomes a bird, as do the venerable Obi-Wan and hard charging Han Solo doing his bit too.

With the gameplay, each player gets some special abilities which extend what is normally available in the typical Angry Birds game. Flinging the red Luke Skywalker bird, a screen double tap will activate his lightsaber to slice through the first row of obstacles in this path as he flies through the air. Obi-Wan can use The Force to push heavy blocks in whichever direction you tap towards. But Han Solo can be the must lethal – using his blaster to blast a path or bring death to your opponents like the pig storm troopers or the pig Darth Vader if he is brave enough.

Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone

The action takes place in a series of 80 stages beginning with Tatooine, as you progress into Space and later moving to the Death Star. It is a very loose retelling of the original 1977 Star Wars movie, with the expectation of future releases expanding further into the Star Wars universe.

Angry Birds Star Wars iPad

The inventive level design and merging of select elements from both the Angry Birds and Star Wars franchise is a thing of beauty. Gameplay is more difficult than with previous Angry Birds games because here timing is everything. When to move, when to hold back. When to use your special power and which bird to use in each situation, to progress through the levels and unlock C3PO and R2D2. It will take many tries to work out the right strategy. Try to get a top three star rating for each stage and push your score to new heights.

Angry Birds Star Wars Levels

The game is very inexpensive at just 99 cents. A number of levels can be unlocked in game as well. For what you get for under a buck, the game is a real bargain.

Expansions within the game is possible with in game purchases. There is a Path of the Jedi set of 40 stages that are more difficult than the stages already present. There is also an overhauled Millenium Falcon, with bird like features, which can have a level crushing effect on the pigs. To have 20 tries with Han Solos’ big spaceship costs $1.99.

Achievements: 35
Points: 470
Angry Birds Star Wars Achievements

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  • Vikings VS Dragons

    I think the idea is totally great! And makes a great (probably the best) addition to Angry Birds family.

    • Game Center Games

      I agree with you. I have never been a really big Angry Birds fan, but I am liking this one more than the others. :]

  • Florence Hohler

    Great app! I used Birds Scores to transfer my progress across iphone 5 and ipad 4.

    Found it here:

    • GameCenterGames

      Thanks for the tip.