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There’s been centuries of peace between the races of Legendaria, the Knighty’s, Elfy’s and Dwarfy’s have grown soft with inactivity so when Mt Magma begins to erupt and the Skully’s make their return, the forces of Legendaria are caught poorly prepared. Legendary Wars combines elements of strategy with tower defense, RPG and just a little bit of action all bound together with a good story sprinkled with humor. It’s actually quite amazing how much has been packed into this title when on the surface, it looks like a very short compact game.

Legendary Wars

At first glance, the controls can seem quite daunting, the in game tutorial moves quickly and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but it’s actually a lot easier

to control than it sounds. For players who have never played similar titles, there is an auto targeting mode to help you get your bearings but once you get moving and feel comfortable you can switch to the more advanced option which leaves you in full control of the battlefield, this is actually far better for tough stages but not really noob friendly. Players familiar with similar titles should have no problem taking the full controls.

Legendary Wars Review

All told, the main campaign has 50 levels, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s very deceptive, you’ll need to switch between game modes to earn gems and moonstones for upgrades and the missions gain in difficulty considerably. There is also quite a variety of objectives, like defending your castle from waves of attackers or storming an enemy to destroy their castle, protecting a particular unit or item as well as some pretty tough boss fights and just for diversity, a few sidescrolling running stages that can be quite challenging. The last 5 missions are incredibly tough, and should you manage to get through them, you then have the option to play through again at a higher difficulty but for bigger rewards, there are two difficulties to unlock and you’ll need to put some real time in to beat them.

Legendary Wars Achievements

Almost everything can be upgraded and you can visit the armory anytime between stages, all upgrades are also useable in the bonus stages. Just playing the campaign, you won’t have enough to upgrade to the levels you need, the good news though, you can play the bonus stages for gems and moonstones which you can spend on your campaign. Each unit upgrades independently, and once you have exhausted the statistic upgrades you can purchase new armor for them with moonstones which not only makes them stronger but makes it possible to upgrade their stats even more and give them stronger special attacks. You can also upgrade and purchase magic spells to aide you, increase your mana pool, strengthen your castle and upgrade your miners.

Legendary Wars

The extra modes are extended versions of levels you play throughout the campaign, endless waves of attackers steadily increasing in

strength, or side-scrolling stages in which you keep going until you die. You can earn moonstones by reaching milestones, in endless waves you’ll face a super powered boss battle at wave 10 and in side-scrolling levels you can earn a moonstone for every 100 kills. There’s also an extras tab where you’ll find the arenas, survive here to earn a moonstone but you’ll need to level up a bit before you can hope to beat these stages. As you level higher and your troops get stronger, you should be able to push further in the endless modes and earn more rewards.

Legendary Wars

The visuals aren’t bad, characters and stages are simple but well portrayed with smooth animations, there is no confusion about unit types as each has a distinctly unique design and I always like it when visual changes to armor are shown in game as well as the menu. Magic spells look a little tame at first but get more spectacular as you upgrade them. Each location has its own musical score that blends with the visual atmosphere but doesn’t overpower the gameplay and sound effects like the clash of arms seem to almost tie in with the music.

Legendary Wars

To sum up, Legendary Wars is an amazing blend of genres offering a variety of gameplay options that can be both frantic and strategic. The ability to upgrade practically everything adds a depth that isn’t at first apparent, it’s extremely easy to lose a whole afternoon playing this title. I experienced some instability, thankfully though, never during a level and I never lost any progress, generally it crashes most when leaving the armory or returning to the main menu and unfortunately, it’s a frequent problem but should be easily addressed in future updates. Legendary Wars has surprising depth and replay value and has a little something for most gamers, although, impatient gamers may find it tedious trying to level up mid campaign. I’m giving this title 4 stars and another plus, if you like Legendary Wars and you’re still wanting more after all this, you can now get Monster Wars from the app store and play as the bad guys.

Achievements 50
Points 1000
Legendary Wars HD Achievements

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