OLO (pistOLO) is a local and online multiplayer shuffle puckish curling game.

The first thing that meets the eye is the minimalistic design. The menu consists of four choices, “2 player”, “4 player”, “online” and “more”. Just numbers an letters. The background constantly shifts smooth between different colors and you hear a real axing jazz beat.

OLO Review

OLO is a visual masterpiece. The clean graphics have few contenders in the App Store.

The gameplay is simple but precise. You flick your puck from your baseline preferably with your index finger in order to place it, knock out your opponents pucks or strategically defend your own. The goal is to get as many of your pucks into your opponents zone. Much like curling. There are three sizes of pucks each behaving according to its size. If your opponents puck end up in your baseline you will steal it.

OLO Game Review

A game of OLO is played within a few minutes and you could and will probably play several games in a row.

The game is best experienced with 2 players locally on an iPad. The four player mode is a bit confusing but could be a good alternative to let more people into the game instead of waiting for their turn.

OLO Achievements

OLO supports Game Center and you find the names of your Game Center-friends presented in the same design as the rest of the game. There are 40 achievements and some, like “play 1000 matches” or “win 500 online matches” will take some time to reach. Unfortunately the online experience of OLO does not really match the local variations. This is mainly because it is really hard to get a game going. Even when both players are ready to play the invitation becomes unanswered. And when you finally get a game going it is not unusual that the game freezes and you’ll never finish it.


Despite the poor online support for this game I have hade many hours of fun with both hardcore and casual gamers. The simplicity and the minimalistic design is really attractive. If it hadn’t been for the broken online support this game had received five stars. Now it’s only four.

Achievements: 40
Points: 506
OLO Achievements


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