The Walking Dead: The Game is interactive story telling at its finest

The Walking Dead: The Game is based on the popular comic book series from Robert Kirkman. It has been adapted as an all digital, multi-platform game for the PC, X360, PS3, Mac and now finally after several months delay, the iOS platform.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead plays out over five sequential episodes. A second season of five episodes was announced as in development by the creator of the game, Telltale Games. Initially, you can purchase the first episode and then each follow-up episode thereafter as you wish, or you can choose to purchase all five episodes as a pack.

The game is a graphical adventure which has a point and click interface. The game is story boarded, with cut scenes playing out, but then you are presented with options at each turn as to how to respond.

The Walking Dead

The game first opens with you as a man arrested and sitting in the back of a police vehicle. The arresting officer, some older timer, is someone from your local town and is kind of chatty. You gradually learn that you are accused of a heinous crime. As he talks, the English subtitles flow at the bottom of the screen. Some of this talk and the responses back to the officer is pretty colorful, so small kids should avoid this game.

Later on the highway, the police car crashes and the police officer is thrown clear of the vehicle and lays unconscious. The cuffed detainee can now see about breaking himself free from the back of the police car, kick the back window out and escape.

The Walking Dead

The game plays out like a live action comic where you can choose from a range of choices presented to you and change how the game plot plays out. This is a good thing too as no sooner has the accused man escaped his handcuffs does the downed police officer come back to life as the flesh eating walking dead of the title! This truly freaks out the protagonist and sets him off running!

The game is extremely well put together. The graphics and animation is terrific, and the characters drawn well and believably enough for this type of narrative. The choice of chosen actions can dramatically change the outcome of each stage within an individual episode and lead the game into unexpected directions. A gamer can play again to see how much trouble he or she can get into, which keeps the game interesting. When you get bored, there is a whole new episode to purchase and explore.

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