VS. Racing 2

Vs Racing 2 reminds of the Amiga game Super Cars 2. Every game that reminds of Super Cars 2 have potential to be a great game.

This is a classic 2D racing game that can be plays either in single player mode, local multiplayer or as an online challenge.

Vs. Racing 2

There are multiple ways to control your car, use a steering wheel with your left or right thumb, tap the left and right edge of the iPad or by tilting it.

You begin with a rather slow car that can be improved by spending points or real money on speed, acceleration and off road capabilities.

Unlike many other racing games you can’t customize the behavior of your car very much which in this game which goes along well with the over all experince. This is a fast paced action racer. You could however, if you like to throw away money, equip your car with neon light and other visual effects that don’t affect the performance of your vehicle.

Vs. Racing 2 Review

The tracks are overall well built and challenging. Thera are fout different enviroments, Tropical, Jungle, Dirt and Highlands. Each enviroments consists of 18 races where you need to finnish top three in order to unlock the next race. There are not 18 unique tracks in each enviroment – some tracks occuere several times but with different modes. The three diffrent modes are: Time challange – finnish the track under a set time, Race – compte against other cars, and finally, Elimination – destroy all the other cars in the race.

By finding glowing crates during the race you can unlock secret tracks which are rather entertaing. In the hidden tracks weapons like missilse will be avalibe and the game rescemlbels of Super Cars 2 more than ever.

Vs. Racing 2 Achievements

In the local multiplayer mode you can customize the tracks by using oil spills, missiles and mines and other leathal equippment.

All in all VS. Racing 2 is a funny experince. It’s fast to pick up and there is a fair balance between being challangeing and not boringly easy. It’s a game that can will be picked up several times in the future and the local multiplayer will give you a great time with your friends.

Achievements: 33
Points: 33 points

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